Wasps/Bees Treatment In Melbourne

We at Formula Pest Control take care of Wasps with very effective approach. Wasps / Bees Treatment is one of the major services we have been providing for a while now with high success rate. We are very efficient at treating them. Wasps / Bees in your home can be a huge pest problem. They hurt you by stinging you and not to mention the noise they produce when they are in a group. We need to be cautious of them especially if a hive is built near your home/office and get rid of them as soon as possible for good. So if you need Wasps Removal / Treatment done for your home or office, please call us now and we are happy to help you. We are expert in Residential Wasps Treatment and Commercial Wasps Treatment.

Effects of Wasps/Bees at Your Home/Office

Wasps/Bees don't need to gather in a group just to cause damage to a human being. One Wasp/Bee is enough to render a human speechless due to pain. They usually come out during warmer seasons and build a large hive that could cause serious damage. Wasps, like bees and hornets, are equipped with a stinger for self-defense which contains venom that’s transmitted to humans during a sting. Wasp venom can cause significant pain and irritation and is very harmful to our human body system. It’s also possible to have a serious reaction if you’re allergic to the venom. Treatment is compulsory for alleviating symptoms and complications.

The most severe allergic reactions to wasp stings are referred to as anaphylaxis which causes your body goes into shock in response to wasp venom. Symptoms like severe swelling of the face, breathing difficulties, dizziness, loss of consciousness, nausea or vomiting, stomach cramps, etc. might develop in the person's body. Some people get a bit stronger reaction like: Extreme redness, A weak, rapid pulse and need Allergic Shots immediately. In some cases a person will disrupt a hive or swarm of bees and get multiple stings.

Wasps and bees can be a serious nuisance problem throughout Australia, particularly late in the summer when certain yellowjacket wasps come at garbage and outdoor food areas. Not to mention, the hive they create which in turn creates a lot of noise and practically makes the area unapproachable.

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Why you need Wasps/Bees Treatment?

If a single Wasp/Bee is enough to cause serious damage to people, imagine what would happen if there was an entire colony of it. Wasps being social insects, produce a colony which begin anew each spring, initiated by a single fertilized female (queen) that has survived winter. The wasps construct their nest of paper, which they produce by chewing on wood, scraps of paper and cardboard. Many concerns with social wasps occur late in the season when colonies grow large and the above-ground nests of hornets and paper wasps become apparent.

The biggest problem is that the noise they produce in a colony or hive is almost un-listenable. If you have guests coming over or important clients coming over if you are in your office, having a Beehive is just simply discomforting. Your Guests or Clients might feel scared and it will leave a bad impression in their minds about you for the rest of their lives. Plus a Wasp Sting is really fatal and you might need an Allergy Injection right away.

Our Work Process for Wasps/Bees Removal

Australia is home to several different species of stinging insects, some non-poisonous and others incredibly poisonous. Species of stinging insects like yellow jackets, wasps, and hornets, can be extremely aggressive and can only be removed by professional treatment.

When treating Wasps/Bees, our primary target during is to locate the nest and identify the reasons that cause the infestation in the first place. Stinging insect nests can be found in a variety of different locations but mostly around platations and untreated wood/bamboo and in the corners of your home/office. Yellow jackets mostly nest underground and also have been known to build nests in bushes, shrubs or under the leaves of plantations around your area.

At Formula Pest Control, we find the nest and take care of it in a safe and reliable way. But special wasps like Hornets nest in very high places, such as the highest trunks of trees. Once the nest has been located, we will treat it and remove it freeing you from your Wasp/Bees problem.

We provide 24 hours service to our customers in Melbourne for wasps treatment to residential and commercial properties. Emergency wasps treatment service is also given to our customers. Call us today for a free quote. It is always better to act quickly rather than wait. We provide same day service in following suburbs:
Thomastown, Campbellfield, Coolaroo, Roxburgh, Park, Craigieburn, Meadow, Heights, Somerton, Broadmeadows, Fawkner, Glenroy, Pascoe, Vale, Coburg, Tullamarine, Essendon, Moonee, Ponds, Brunswick, Ascot, Preston, Thornbury, Northcote, Fitzroy, Carlton, Clifton, Hill, Reservoir, Lalor, Epping, Wollert, Wallan, South, Morang, Mill, Park, Doreen, Mernda, Yan, Yean, Hurstbridge, Yarrambat, Diamond, Creek, Wattle, Glen, Eltham, Greensborough, Montmorency, Viewbank, Templestowe, Research, Kangaroo, Ground, Warrandyte, Watsons, Ground, Doncaster, Bulleen, Ivanhoe, Heidelberg, Rosanna, Macleod, Bundoora, Watsonia, Kalkallo, Donnybrook, Whittlesea, Woodstock, Eden, Park, Lower, Plenty, Upper, Plenty, Mickleham, Greenvale, Caroline Springs, Burnside, Taylors Hill, Hillside, Taylors Lakes, Truganina, Tarneit, Wyndham Vale, Werribee, Point Cook, Williams Landing,Hoppers Crossing

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