Termite Treatment

Effects of Termites at Your Home/Office

Many homeowners have flood, storms, fire and landslides on their list, but what most people forget are the tiny creatures known as termites, which bring up just as much damage. Termites are eusocial insects that have six legs, an antennae and wings, and are almost an inch in size. There are about 258 species of termites in Melbourne and all over Australia, however, some of the major species include the Rhinotermitidae, Termitidae, Mastotermitidae and Termopsidae.

Termites form large colonies and eat away all the physical structures at your home and office. A colony of termites can be dangerous and really powerful. In nature, termites break down old trees in forests to make room for a new tree to blossom. However, if termites get into your property, they can cause physical, financial and also health damage. Also, termites are the reason for millions of dollars worth of damage to homes and structures throughout Melbourne every year. A colony of termites in your home/office means widespread structural damage. These pests feed on internal structures like beams, posts and wall supports. They enter a home from the ground up, generally through the foundation. A very large colony of these pests can likely create cracks in the foundation of the structure, causing consequential damage.



Areas where moisture is prominent attract termites first. So, if you’re looking for termites in your home or office, you must check your bathrooms first. Termites will create loose tiles, sagging ceilings and puncture holes in the drywall. These cause significant physical and financial damage to your structure. Apart from the physical and financial damage, termites also create health risks but are not a direct threat to humans. When a colony of termites move through your home, it accumulates dust and wood particles into the air which can cause allergic reactions and even asthma attacks to some.

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Termites can be a problem throughout the year in Melbourne, in which they will have caused significant damage. Termite control is really important because the damage caused by a large colony of termites isn’t straightforward as other repairs you do to your property. Termite treatment service will help you get rid of the pests for good and will help you live a healthy lifestyle. The termite damage can be widespread, weakening the furniture and structures from inside. Imagine a supporting beam that gets weakened by the termites, your whole property could be warped. Once this kind of damage has begun it’s really hard to fix it so, termite removal from your home or office is necessary. Not having termite control leaves your structure completely unprotected from one of its biggest threats.

Termites cause tons of dollars worth of damage not only in Melbourne but all over the world. It may seem frustrating to have to pay for termite control done on your property but what is more frustrating is that you find out that termites have been eating up your structures for years. Also, damage caused by termites is not covered by your home insurance, it needs to be done with a certified termite treatment company. We don’t want you finding out termites have been wrecking your home or office so termite removal is completely necessary.



In Melbourne, termites are in abundance and their presence could go undetected for months even years. If you think you have termites in your property or you suspect the structures are damaged it is recommended not to break open the damaged structures as the termites will stop the disturbed area and move to a different place in your property. Instead, you can call us now and speak to our customer service members about the termite removal process in Melbourne and move forward with that. We also provide emergency termite treatment service to our customers and effectively remove termites from your property for good.

We recommend our customers to act quickly and prevent their property from further damage. Termite treatment service is mandatory because the termites are not going to go on their own. So, it’s better to leave the process of termite removal at our hands. Once you book our termite treatment service, our specialists come and inspect your home for the extent of damage that termites have done to your property. The system we use doesn’t just help in termite control but it also directly attacks the colony and prevent it from further entering your property.

Termite removal experts at Formula Pest Control suggest you more than one methods of termite control at your property. Once the scope of the problem is identified, the experts figure out what must be done for termite removal and provide you first-class service. A regular termite inspection by an experienced termite inspector is recommended. Regular inspections don’t help in complete termite removal but they definitely limit the extent of damage caused.

We provide 24 hours service to our customers in Melbourne for Termite Treatment to residential and commercial properties. Emergency Termite Treatment service is also given to our customers. Call us today for a free quote. It is always better to act quickly rather than wait. We provide same day service in following suburbs:
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