Possum Removal

Possum Removal

Possum Removal in Melbourne

Possums can be a huge hassle if not dealt with properly, as they can destroy your property, irritate your pet, excrete a lot, and ravage your house in general. At Formula Pest Control, we take care of possums with a very effective approach. Possum removal is one of the major services we have been providing for a while now, with a high success rate. 

We are very efficient at removing possums from residential and commercial properties in Melbourne and the vicinity. With years of experience in this business, we know the safest and most tailored approach to treat these pest infestations from your premises. At Formula Pest Control, we follow every safety measure to resolve this infestation, ensuring that both humans and animals are secure during and after the process. 

We provide a 24/7 possum removal service in the Melbourne area. Our team of experts is always at your service. Night or day, call us for emergency possum removal.


Effects of Possums on Your Home or Office

Possums, despite appearing to be harmless animals, are capable of causing enormous damage to human property. Possums leave their waste items all over your house or business, which is the most common harm they do. Possums are wild creatures that can nest within your home or in the surrounding area and produce many young, making dealing with them even more difficult. Possums are known to discharge waste, annoy your house pets, eat your food, and give birth to additional possums, causing up to ten times the difficulty you anticipated.

Possums can potentially transfer illnesses, particularly through their excrement. Possums are notorious for spreading diseases like tuberculosis. They may also consume the food you left for your dogs, exposing your loved ones to terrible sickness. Possums are prone to break things and cause havoc in your home. Insulators, electric lines, and gadgets in your home have all been known to be harmed by them. When insulators are damaged by cutting, there is a greater chance of fires, which might result in the entire building being burned down. 

If you notice any signs of possum in your residential or commercial property, you should call a professional for possum removal. Reach us any time soon; we are always here to resolve the pests problems you have been dealing with in Melbourne. 


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Possums, like any other animal, may not pose a direct threat to you unless caught and forced to defend themselves, but the things they do may make your environment and residence appear like a mess. Possum control may not be as serious, but the things they do are very irritable. Possums are not hazardous to people, but they may cause problems if they establish a nest within your home and begin contaminating your food while generating a significant number of offspring, potentially causing more and more damage.

Possums can harass your pets. They are known to steal pet food, and your dog or cat may not be so willing to share. They can make a mess of your garbage by eating food from your garbage cans and dustbins and spreading all the rubbish around your home or office. They can wreck your home by damaging insulators and electric wires, causing hundreds of dollars worth of destruction. When insulators are destroyed, it is dangerous for people to be around, especially the elderly and children, as they might suffer severe electric shocks. They can ruin your garden by eating plants and vegetables and continuing to destroy it, either by pooping in your yard or digging inside it. 

If you are from Melbourne and need a possum removal service, then you are in the right place. We have years of experience in possum removal, and we know how to remove possums safely without harming them from your residential and commercial properties.


When attempting to remove possums from their homes on their own, individuals make blunders. They obstruct their escape points, and some rabid possums may attack them as a result. By obstructing the animal's egress, you allow it to do greater harm. Allowing the animal to escape from where it came from is preferable to blocking it.

Possums can infest your entire home. Because they are known to go into traps quickly, setting traps is a common approach to get rid of them. Make sure you utilize bait, such as fruit, nuts, or seeds, while setting traps. Possums captured in fatal or killing traps must be disposed of as soon as possible since their corpses are known to degrade and stink fast, creating a terrible stench and the potential for disease transmission. Possums captured alive must be transported hundreds of kilometers away from their original location to ensure that they will never return. 

As a long-time specialist in this field, we recommend that anybody who needs possum removal services consider professional assistance rather than doing it on their own. If you are the one residing in Melbourne and going through possum infestation, then Formula Pest Control is just a call away to provide you the service of possum removal.  

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