Flea Treatment

Flea Treatment

Effects of Fleas at Your Home/Office

Fleas are small, wingless parasites that infest the hair coats of mammals with their piercing mouthparts, that they insert into the skin of their host to feed on blood. Though they do not directly pose a risk to humans, the population of fleas should be controlled whether it be at a home or office. Worldwide there are more than 2400 species of fleas but in Melbourne, the major species of fleas found are the cat flea, dog flea and human flea.

Fleas are mainly transmitted from your pets so if your pet is constantly scratching any part of their body, you should immediately check for any flea bites and start flea treatment service. Before contacting a flea removal service, you should know what type of flea is infesting your property. This makes it really easier for you to explain the extent of the problem you’re facing. Don’t worry if you can’t identify the species, because that is what we as a flea treatment service professional are here for.

Although fleas don’t bring serious problems to humans, it can be fatal for your pets which in turn will let down your emotional mood. A wildly flea-infested area could bring extreme anxiety and worries which will ultimately affect your lifestyle. Flea infestation causes a number of health issue in pets, and flea removal and control are a necessity for home and office in Melbourne.

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Fleas are among the worst parasites that attacks you and your pet. Flea bites can be nasty which is why flea treatment service is a necessity. Fleas are a serious threat to the health of your beloved cats and dogs because they are practically inseparable once they’ve latched on. Beside causing dermatitis in your pets, fleas can even transmit tapeworms. For fleas, breeding doesn’t take too much time. Flea lay eggs directly on the host but often the eggs fall off and the infestation is spread to the surrounding environment. Before you know it, you’ll have a total flea infestation on your property, so you should seek flea treatment service at all cost.

Fleas seek the blood of the host to survive and the effects of their bites can range from minor irritation to deadly condition for the pets. If the flea removal is not done in time, then the increasing number of fleas can create skin irritation to humans. Also, fleas are carriers of bacteria that can cause constant scratching in humans.

Since Melbourne is an area with high humidity and moderate temperatures, it is a hotspot for fleas to live in. If you’re a resident of Melbourne, you already know this that you have high exposure and risks to fleas compared to other areas. In rare cases, fleas can bite humans and humans don’t react well to the bites. If the flea treatment service is not done, then people may experience swelling in their legs, faces and hands.




Are you seeing an increasing number of fleas around your property and are searching for effective flea treatment service for your property? At Formula Pest Control, our flea treatment service professional has a couple of years of expertise and experience for flea removal in Melbourne. Our flea removal specialists are certified and fully licensed and are guaranteed to provide the most effective flea treatment service.

After you contact us for flea treatment service, we will immediately visit your property and start with the flea control to make your environment clean and healthy. First, our flea treatment service professionals will inspect and identify the flea species and also check for bites in your pets. Based on the inspection, we will consult with you for further steps for flea removal. We also provide custom-tailored procedures for flea treatment. We provide either chemical or non-chemical flea treatment and in rare cases, we have to use both. Non-chemical flea treatment service includes thoroughly vacuuming your property and application of the heat treatment process. Chemical flea treatment service includes the application of pesticides that is safe for you and your pets. This will comprehensively remove all the fleas from your property. For further prevention of flea-infestation, we also suggest you safety measures. Additionally, we also provide move-out flea treatment, in which the tenants before moving out, contact us to completely remove all the fleas from their property including the carpets and floors.

We also provide emergency flea treatment service to residential and commercial customers. Our flea treatment service is not only to treat the flea problem but also to look at the root cause. If you suspect you might have a flea infestation and require rodent treatment service, then give us a call or contact us via email for a free quote. We would be happy to discuss the problems and provide effective solutions for you.It is always better to act quickly rather than wait.

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We provide 24 hours service to our customers in Melbourne for Flea Treatment to residential and commercial properties. Emergency Flea Treatment service is also given to our customers. Call us today for a free quote. It is always better to act quickly rather than wait. We provide same day service in following suburbs:
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