Cockroach Treatment

We at Formula Pest Control take care of cockroaches with very effective approach. Cockroach Treatment is one of the major services we have been providing for a while now with high success rate. We are very efficient at treating the cockroaches. As cockroaches spread diseases and causes various health risks, we need to be cautious and get rid of them from our home/office for good. So if you need Cockroach Treatment done for your home or office, please call us now and we are happy to help you. We are expert in Residential Cockroach Treatment and Commercial Cockroach Treatment.

Effects of Cockroaches at Your Home/Office

No one wants to see cockroaches crawling around whether it be at home or office. Cockroaches have been around for a long time. As a matter of fact, the fossil record shows that roaches go back as far as 350 million years ago. No one survives that long on this planet without being so hard to kill. Some of the types of cockroaches found in Australia are the German cockroach, Australian native cockroach and American cockroach. Whatever the type, cockroach treatment is necessary for safe living at your property.

Cockroaches are just creepy, but the problem is more severe than simply being creeped out. Cockroaches carry a range of bacteria including salmonella, staphylococcus and streptococcus. Due to the unsanitary eating habits of roaches, they can easily pass harmful pathogens through their droppings. You might see cockroach droppings all over your home or office, which is a sign that roaches may be rapidly infesting your space. Some of the most common places to find droppings are your drawers and under your kitchen counters.

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You may be thinking that you’ve only seen one or two cockroaches around so you can deal with the problem with baits or a bug spray. But the problem is that the ones you see are just a small part of something huge. There will definitely be many more hidings behind your walls, behind the furniture and under the floors.

Once your space is infested with this disgusting pest, it will be hard for you to get rid of the cockroaches. Don’t worry, that’s where we step in. Cockroach control is mandatory considering the looming dangers it brings into your home or office. When you are experiencing mild symptoms of flu or cold you go to see a doctor, the same applies to cockroach treatment. It starts from seeing a single cockroach which seems worthless but that single cockroach can breed up to thousands of other cockroaches. Cockroach treatment will help you prevent the prolonged build-up of cockroaches, avoid food poisoning symptoms and stop the building of cockroach nests hiding at corners and clutters.

Cockroach control also prevents re-infestation and persistent problem of cockroach spreading despite applying the cockroach removal tips diligently.



The most effective way for cockroach removal is to deny them access to food and water, which are the major factors for the cockroaches to infest your home or office. As a pest control expert, Formula Pest Control is happy to provide you with tips to keep your property free of cockroach.

If you want to control the cockroach infestation, consider removing water from buckets and sinks, clean up food and crumbs left on tables, kitchen counters and desks. Also, garbage bins are a source of wide range food options for cockroaches and this is most important for a business that handles food. Always throw out the garbage bags at the end of the day as cockroaches are more active at night. Most importantly, a clean environment must be maintained at your property at all costs to reduce the risk of a cockroach infestation.

At Formula Pest Control, our certified specialists will look at your home or office and other structures surrounding your property and determine where the cockroach are coming from. Right methods which are suitable for home and family are used for cockroach removal. A fully integrated approach to cockroach treatment is applied which ensures to seek out their hiding spaces to be free from cockroach infestation and offer solutions that prevent cockroaches from further infesting your property.

Cockroach control experts also figure out where the roaches are getting in and provide ways to stop them from coming back. Once the experts figure out the scope of the problem, they will let you know what must be done for cockroach removal at your property. You should know that it takes a professional for cockroach removal and fully preventing further infestation to your home or office.

We provide 24 hours service to our customers in Melbourne for Cockroach Treatment to residential and commercial properties. Emergency Cockroach Treatment service is also given to our customers. Call us today for a free quote. It is always better to act quickly rather than wait. We provide same day service in following suburbs:
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