Cloth Moth Treatment

Cloth Moth Treatment

Effects of Cloth Moth at Your Home/Office

Cloth moths are pests which not only look disgusting but also destroy fabric and other materials. They feed mostly on animal fibers, especially wool, fur, silk, feathers, felt, and leather leaving behind clothes whose quality is destroyed. The animal fibres contain keratin, a fibrous protein that clothmoths can eat and digest. When in the open nature, the larvae of clothmoths feed on the nesting materials or carcasses of birds and mammals.

They mostly attack clothes that are heavily soiled with food stains or body oils. Contact with food and textiles that has been infested by the moths can lead to allergic reactions and irritations for humans and pets too. We cannot detect infestations of cloth moths easily and when we detect it, it will have already caused various harm to your clothing materials. To ensure the complete removal of clothes moths in the premises, it is best to contact a reliable pest control service to take care of the problem.


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The main reason why the Cloth Moth are dangerous is, that they can spread very quickly. Their preferred places to hide are cracks and holes in furniture, walls and ceilings, but also any other place which is difficult to access. Clothes moths are grey-brown in colour and are typically found in humid and warm regions. These pests can manage to hide very well, so it is rather difficult to spot their presence. When know they exist, it will be too late as they will have already chewed on your valuable clothes.

The clothes moth’s life stages consist of the egg, larva or caterpillar stage and the adult stage. Of these stages, the larva stage is the most damaging as this is when the insect is feeding on fabrics, fur, animal fibres and wool kept inside wardrobes and cabinets. The feeding stage is important for it to turn into a pupa and then into a moth. These pests are typically found in dark places such as cabinets in the bedroom or bathroom, cupboards and wardrobes where they can effectively hide and they can feed on carpets and any other valuable cloth you have. They can infest homes, commercial establishments, shops and other businesses that involve textiles and fabrics.




Because of the damage that clothes moths can cause inside the house, immediate treatment and management are called for. To ensure the complete removal of clothes moths in the premises, it is best to contact Formula Pest Control service to take care of the problem.

We can protect your home from clothes moths by applying chemical protection to your drawers and cabinets. If you can, keep the humidity inside the house at a minimum to discourage the propagation of clothes moths.

Regular cleaning of the premises will help a great deal in keeping the place free from these pests. The techniques should work for small infestations, but if the problem is massive or you don’t want it to worsen early on, a professional service is required.

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