Top 5 Reasons To Choose Formula Pest Control

Top 5 Reasons To Choose Formula Pest Control

As a busy, budget-conscious person, handling your own pest control may seem like a smart way to save money. But is it? Of course, there are a lot of home remedies and DIY-pest removal options, and these might prove to be cheaper initially but it may not always be the best choice in the long run. Also, there are some incessant pests that are very difficult to contain. So, all things considered it is best to hire a professional pest control service, like Formula Pest Control. for the effective removal of the pests in your property. The pest removal experts at Formula Pest Control know what is best for your property and your health. Below are the 5 reasons why choosing Formula Pest Control will make a big difference in controlling the pests in your property.


Experience - 5 years +

When it comes to experience, our pest control technicians have visited numerous properties to tackle a variety of pests, so it is very likely that they have come across a case similar to yours. They exactly know what to do and will use only the required solutions necessary for your property. 

We continuously train our pest control technicians so that they stay up to date with new pest control methods and comply with the standard of Formula Pest Control.. The pest control experts will come inspect your place and draw the necessary plans according to the level of infestation. We only make use of environment-friendly products that are both safe for the health of you and your family. 

Treating the root cause of the problem so as to ensure it doesn’t recur is what we do here at Formula Pest Control.

Price / Rate

When it comes to pest control, many don’t think it’s worth paying all the money. Some even think pest control is too expensive, so they try out some home remedies for pest removal, failing to see the importance of hiring a professional pest control service. And hiring a pest control service is not that expensive when looking at the benefits it could provide you and your family. Formula Pest Control understands your point-of-view and provides the best service at a competitive price. 

Starting from $90, our comprehensive range of services is what you need to get rid of the pests on your property. Our service rates are one of the most reasonably priced in all of Melbourne. We also provide free quotes to you over the phone and ensure you have a completely transparent experience.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

At Formula Pest Control, we believe in providing superior quality service and using state-of-the-art pest control solutions. We take pride in providing our customers with perfect service and aftercare – from homes and businesses to large commercial clients, we approach every job with our trademark quick response and attention to detail. Our treatments are safe for everyone including you, your kids, co-workers, and pets. 

You get the best results – we’re up to date with the latest technology, information, and pest control techniques. We provide the highest level of customer care and excellent value as well as reliability and quick response. With this level of service, it’s no wonder that we’re one of the most trusted pest control businesses in the country. We have built up an extensive client base through hard work, honesty, and recommendation, and believe that high standards of work and customer relations are what help to contribute to the success and growth of our business.

One-Stop Pest Solution

When you have a pest problem or want to protect your property from future infestation, we apply our science-based approach to help identify the root of your problem and implement an ideal solution made especially for your property. We offer a one-stop solution for your pest infestation problem.

We offer complete solutions that address everything related to pest infestation. Our comprehensive range of pest control services includes cockroaches, ants, bed bugs, spiders, fleas, rodents, wasps, possums, cloth moths and much more. In addition to pest treatment services, we will also identify the reasons for the infestation and the contributing factors at your property. This helps us to address the factors and ensure ongoing prevention for lasting results. Our comprehensive pest control procedure is a four-stage process: Detailed Inspection, Treatment Plan, Pest Removal and Ongoing Prevention.

24/7 Available

It is essential that you act quickly to remove the pest infestation on your property. A minor pest problem can turn bad very quickly if not dealt with properly, so that’s why we believe in providing prompt services to our clients so that the situation is in control early. Our services are 24/7 in Melbourne for any type of pest control service to residential and commercial properties. 

At Formula Pest Control, we believe communication is the key to providing a standard service. So, we encourage our clients to contact us with queries and issues any time by phone or email. Our team works hard to ensure that you are getting a highly professional, convenient service experience by choosing us. We also provide Emergency Pest Control service in the local suburbs of Melbourne. Call us today for a free quote.