How Does Weather Affect Your Pest Problem?

How Does Weather Affect Your Pest Problem?

Weather is one of the most important factors that play a vital role in determining your pest problem. No matter what the season is, pests are always in search of two things: food and shelter, and what better place to get both of these than your home. Pests are influenced by the seasons, so their threats differ as the season changes. Different seasons bring different pests in varying stages of their life cycle. The most important trait of pests is the fact that they are cold-blooded creatures, so a lot of their activities, including reproduction, are faster and more profound in a hot climate. Many pests cannot survive freezing conditions, some hibernate and burrow into the ground until the conditions are ideal for them to re-appear. It is equally important for you to know seasonal pest patterns for your area to prepare yourself and your home better. 



Summer is the perfect time for pests to multiply, spread and create trouble for you around your home. While you tend to see relatively fewer pests inside your homes, there are a large number of pests in your backyards and other outdoor areas waiting to invade your homes. Pests like mosquitoes, fleas, ticks and bird mites are especially active in the summer months because of the moisture from summer rain and spring time. Other pests such as bees and wasps are active in the summer, and their nests can often be found near your homes. During warm months, it is absolutely vital to ensure that all of your doors and window seals are tightly closed so that no pests can enter your home. Even if they do, we at Formula Pest Control are there to remove and eradicate your pest problem.



Fall season is a time of preparation for most pests as they get ready for the freezing winter months. This is the time bed bugs travel and you can notice a lot of people complaining about bed bugs in this season. Other common pests that can be seen in the fall season include spiders, lady bugs, cockroaches, rodents and bees. These pests will often invade your home in the fall season looking for shelter and possibly food for the coming months. If you start to see gnawed wires, pest droppings or random holes in the walls, then your home is probably infested with pests.



Pests tend to adapt to freezing temperatures in the winter season by migrating to a warmer place, your home, and finding a place to hibernate which causes them to invade your homes in search of warmth. The cold weather will force the pests to seek shelter indoors because it is the ideal place for them to lie dormant. Pests like bees, wasps and other stinging pests will seek out places in the corners and eaves of your home. Ants will seek shelter in their nesting sites. Overwintering pests like cockroaches, rodents and spiders will definitely seek shelter inside your homes for warmth, but the key to preventing these winter pests is to prepare ahead during the fall season. For further consultation and pest removal service in Melbourne, contact our pest removal experts at Formula Pest Control.



Spring season is often considered as the best time of awakening and mating for most of the stingy pests. As the weather changes from cold to warm, pests will start to wake and emerge from their long hibernation and break their dormant states. The spring rains will force the ants to seek new shelter in higher grounds. Spring also marks the beginning of swarming season for termites, so look out for termites in large groups in search of other mates.


Regardless of the season, there are certain things that you can do to protect your home from pest infestation all year round. Always keep your countertops clean and free of stray food, so that you don’t give the pests easy food in your homes. Inspect the outside of your home for cracks and holes that pests can use as entry points, if any, seal them. Clean your home and vacuum your floors often and make sure your gutters are clear of debris or install gutter guards instead. If you think you have a pest problem, remember the pest removal experts at Formula Pest Control, who can come and give your home a thorough inspection and provide you with a treatment and prevention plan.